Working and Labor visa in UAE, Fee and Renewal

labor visa for uae

The UAE provides a labor visa or working visa for foreigners. The UAE states are the top richest states in the world. Their economy is due to their natural resources because these are “The gigantic stores of oil, gas, and petroleum”. Also, these states are very advanced in every field of life. And these states are offering a huge amount of opportunities for jobs for foreigners. So a big number of people from foreign countries go to UAE states for jobs because these offer a lot of jobs and work for foreigners.

So foreigners go to these states such as Dubai, Ajman, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, etc. for jobs. To work or get a job in UAE first, you need a Labor visa/permit or employment visa.

Requirements for applying for a Labor visa:

Before applying for a labor visa you should have a residence visa, Emirates Id. Then you are able to apply for a Labor visa. You will  be required to have the following papers :

  1. The most important document of a labor visa is proof of the job/work contract that is provided by the company in the UAE.
  2. Emirates ID card.
  3. The age of the worker must be above 18 and there is no limit of maximum age. If the age of the worker is above 65 his pay is higher.
  4. Passport size photographs.
  5. Original passport and photocopies.
  6. Photocopy of Company valid card.
  7. Medical Tests (AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, COVID-19, Tuberculosis.)
  8. Health Certificate.
  9. Entry permission allotted by the Ministry of Labor, UAE.

Labor Card is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the  General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the emirate states in which you are going for a job/work. You will need three photocopies of the Labor visa:

  1. For the Department of Labor
  2. For your employer
  3. Also, for yourself

☛ If you are in the Emirates state on a Tourist visa and you have got a job there then you can change your Tourist visa into a Labor Visa. This action needed to be done before starting the jobs.

How to find Jobs in UAE?

Here are some companies which provide the facilities of Jobs in UAE. You can apply to the following companies for a job.

  1. Stockeeper
  2. Goods Receiving Clerk & Storekeeper Jobs
  3. Citi Jobs in UAE | Recruiter Manager
  4. Associate, Client Service (Dubai, UAE) Jobs
  5. Emarat Petroleum Dubai
  6. Descon Jobs Etc.

You can apply for jobs in UAE by clicking on this Jobs in UAE. Another website that is best for applying jobs is and these sites you just need to select your job for which you eligible and apply for it.

labor visa

How to apply for a job in UAE?

After reaching to above sites you just need to click the apply button and the requirements for jobs appear. So you can see whether you are eligible for a job or not.

working visa

The cost or fee of the UAE labor or working visa depends upon the category and the skill level. Also for a skilled professional certificate or a degree is required. But there is no need for any certificate for the unskilled persons who lie in the secondary or the less also.

Category                   Skilled People                        Unskilled Person

First                               AED   300                                      AED  300

2nd A                             AED  500                                       AED  1200

B 2nd                              AED 1000                                      AED  2200

2nd C                             AED 1500                                      AED  2700

2nd D                             AED 2000                                     AED  3553

3rd                                  AED 5000                                     AED  5000

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