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visit visa for UAE

The UAE visit visa is usually for personal purposes, business purposes, or any other purposes. It is usually 90 days and can be extended two times. The UAE visit visa is a long-term visa. If someone wants to extend or renew again his visa, he must have to go to his country and apply for the extension of the visa. A person can go alone as a single entry or with his family members as multiple entries.

Some important points you should keep in mind about the UAE visit visa:

  1. A visit visa can be renewed two times and the person does not need to leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But he will also have to pay the visa extension or renewal fee which is 600 AED per time.
  2. If your visa has expired and you have not applied for the renewal or extension of the visa you would get a fine of 100 AED per day. And this fine starts after the expiry date of the 10th day.
  3. The person which falls in the following category will not be able to enjoy the facility of visa extension or renewal process.
  • People living in GCC countries.
  • The people having the nationality of GCC countries.
  • Also, the people which are on the special entry permit.
  • The people which are on the special permit of 96-hours or 4 days.

What are the GCC countries?

GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council which is the combination of six Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The GCC countries can easily and simply apply for the visit visa online by e-Visa application.

Required documents to apply for a UAE visit visa:

You could only be able to apply for the UAE visit visa only when you have theĀ  documents given below:

  • A colored photograph of passport.
  • Colored passport copy (which has the validity of 6 months).
  • Copy of Emirates flight ticket.
  • And the visa application form.

Actually, In the following table different kinds of a tourist visa and their prices or costs are given:

Visit visa types

Validity for days


Single entry

30 Days

376 AED

Single entry

90 Days

695 AED

Multiple entries

30 Days

670 AED

Multiple entries

90 Days

1695 AED

How to apply for an online UAE visit visa?

  • You must Book the ticket with Emirates. You have to Log in to after receiving the valid PNR number.
  • Apply for your UAE visa. Now click on the option ‘Apply for a UAE’ visa to finish the online process.
  • A person can apply for a Dubai visa online by an Online Travel Agency (OTA) or by the DVPC (Dubai Visa Processing Centre).
  • By choosing the flight tickets with the Emirates and you have to apply for a Dubai tourist visa online.
  • Really online apply a visit visa for UAE is a very easy process. You can apply online if you have the documents mentioned above.

What is a business visa?

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