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UAE Visa Cancellation Process

How to cancel an Emirates visa?

If a person wants to cancel an Emirates visa or return his UAE residence visa for any reason such as to change his job, to leave the country for any purpose, etc. He must have to return the emirates id card to the General Directorate for Residency and Foreign Affairs. This General Directorate of Foreigner Affairs and Residency must give this Emirates ID card to the(FIAC) Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity, the department which issued this Emirates ID card. For a worker, the company or his employer is the person who can help him to cancel the Emirates visa.

cancel uae visaSome important points to be noted when you cancel an Emirates visa:

  •  A person can cancel an Emirates visa online or by going to a typing office.
  • A person must clear all his obligations before he leaves the UAE permanently. He should pay off the debts, must close his bank account, cancel his job agreements, sell his car, or any other thing if he wants to leave the UAE permanently.
  •  If a person is supporting his children, wife, housemaid, or relatives he should have to cancel their visa first.

Three steps “How to cancel Emirates visa:
     1.   Submit the documents.
     2.  Visit the GDRFA
     3.  Settlement with sponsor
1.   Submit the documents
The documents required to cancel an Emirates visa are as follows:

  • The Emirates ID card
  •  The original passport
  • And a copy of his company or the sponsor’s passport and visa page

After this, he should visit the typing office and must carry all the documents mentioned above and the clearance statement. The visa holder and his sponsor or his company should sign the cancellation application, submit this, and have stamped (canceled) it out. The fee for the cancellation of an Emirates visa is almost 110 AED.
2.    Visit GDRFA
After submitting the cancellation application he must also visit the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs). He should leave the UAE within 30 days.
3.   Settlement with the sponsor

your sponsor or a company will be able to cancel his visa by submitting the following documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. this department gave you a clearance statement.

How to apply online?

A person can also do the whole process online. After submitting the application he first has to visit the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs), with his original Emirates ID card and original passport. He can cancel his visa online by visiting this website “Visa cancellation online”.


  • Before canceling you have to cancel your dependent visas as your children, wife, brother, housemaid, sister, parents or relative, etc.
  • Also, you cannot apply for a new Emirates visa while your previous visa is under the cancellation process.
  • If an employee wants to remove his name from the company then he will have to apply for the cancellation of his visa and submit the documents to the DMCC.
  • The applicant can apply from outside of the country, if he is outside the country for more than 6 months, or his visa is expired.
  • Within 30 days the applicants must leave the UAE.

How to apply for Emirates ID?

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