UAE Tourist visa | Apply for 14, 30, and 90 Days Visa

Tourist visa for uae

The UAE tourist visa is actually used for entertainment, amusement, and leisure, etc. A tourist visa may be used for the purposes of business or not or any other purposes. It is usually maybe for a 14 to 30 days visa. But for UAE it can be extended two times and means increases more to 60 days without leaving the UAE.

It means maximumly it may be of 90 days. If someone wants to extend it again he must have to go to his country and apply from his country. The tourist visa could be for multiple entries or could be for a single entry. It for a single person or for the whole family. Now a 5-year tourist visa is also available.

Some important points you need to know about the UAE tourist visa:

  1. A rule has passed in July 2018, the children under 18 with their parents are able to obtain a free visa. They can be able to use this free visa from 15 July to 15 September each year.
  2. The girls which are under 18 are not allowed to apply for a tourist visa. But only with their parents, relatives, or maybe with their guardians.
  3. A person can renew the tourist visa twice without leaving the UAE. And the fee for each renewal is 600 AED.
  4. After the expiry of the visa, he will also have to pay 100 AED for one day starting from the 10th day of visa expiry.
  5. The renewal or extension process cannot be applicable to the persons which live in GCC countries and having GCC nationalities and who are on the special entry and who are on the 96-hour special permit.
  6. The hotels, the licensed agents, and the airlines in the UAE can only issue this visa.
  7. Usually, a tourist visa is given to an individual of a country that cannot have a Visa on Arrival arrangement with the UAE or does not include in the category of Visa-Free Entry.tourist visa for uae

There are some types and the UAE Tourist Visa Fee structure as:




Single entry visa

14 Days

431 Dh

Single entry visa

30 Days

    376 Dh

Multiple entry visa

30 Days

642 Dh

Single entry visa

90 Days

698 Dh

Multiple entry visa

90 Days

                  1695 Dh

Documents required:

These are few documents required to apply for a tourist visa for UAE.

  • The Invitation letter.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • Also the copy of the residence visa in the UAE.
  • Visa application form filled, signed with the colored photograph.
  • For verification Original passport (valid for 6 months from the date of travel).

How to apply for a UAE tourist visa online?

The method to Apply online is quite simple and easy. You should have to provide the required documents, information, and finally, you have to pay the visa fee online or by visiting the person in the office. If your visa application has approved then you will receive an approved e-Visa copy by email which you have submitted in the application form.

Really there are different places in the different Emirates of UAE where a can visit and every emirate is well known due to its own charctiristics.

What are the differences between the Visit visa and the UAE Tourist visa?

  • As we have discussed above the UAE tourist visa is actually short-term which can be made long-term and only for the purposes of entertainment, amusements, and leisure but on the other hand the visit visa for business purposes or personal purposes.
  • The tourist visa should be also provided by a company, or a hotel, or an employer in the UAE and not by a person himself but the visit visa is personal based so it is arranged by a person himself.

Read about and apply for the visit visa.

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