UAE Driving License | UAE Driving License Category List and Fee

UAE driving license

If you want to go in your own vehicle, you’ll need a driving license for this purpose in any country of the world. For a UAE driving license, you have to fulfill the requirements which are issued by government institutions.

In the United Arab Emirates if you have a driving license you can travel the whole city without wasting your money and time on the Metro, buses, taxis, or any other transport system. One good thing about the UAE driving license is that it can be used in all the emirates even if you got it from particular Emirates. It is quite difficult to get a license in the UAE but following the instructions given below you can easily a driving license in any emirates of the UAE.

Points to be discussed in this article:

  • Who can get a Driving License?
  • How many types of driving licenses?
  • What are the age limitations?
  • What are the required documents?
  • How many types of tests should be passed?
  • What is Fee and cost Structure?
  • Locations of institutes for the registration.
  • What are the discounts and who can get them?
  • Can a person apply without NOC?

Who can get and apply for UAE Driving License?

Any person who is a citizen ad resident of the UAE can easily get it. If a person is physically unfit he is no entitled to get a driving license. So an applicant should be physically fit.

UAE driving license
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What are the age limitations and types?

For obtaining a driving license the age limitations and  UAE driving license category list is:

      Types of Category


1st category:        For a Motorcycle                         17 Years
2nd category:      For Cars                    18 Years
Special category: People with special needs                     17 Years
3rd category:       Light Vehicles                     18 Years
6th category:       For Tractors                     20 Years
4rth category:     Heavy Vehicles                     20 Years
5th category:       For buses                     21 Years

What are the required documents?

So if you are eligible and want to apply for the driving license you have to submit the following documents for the opening of a traffic file:

  • Emirates ID card copy and Original
  • Passport Copy
  • Page of your residence visa
  • Two photos with white background
  • NOC letter
  • Cleared report for the eye test

How many types of tests should be passed?

There are some tests you have to pass which are not quite simple.

  1. You have to pass Eye Test
  2. Take theory classes
  3. Take Training classes
  4. Pass Theory test
  5. Parking and assessment test
  6. And Final Road test

When you take these classes and pass the tests you are eligible to get a driving license legally.

Tips: If you want to pass the test you should have to take the theory and training classes regularly. And also remember all the traffic signs and keep them in your mind. Also, read the handbook provided by the RTA thoroughly.

During the Physical vehicle, test obeys the instructions, have a seatbelt, position the mirrors, drive calmly, park your car very carefully.

What is Fee and cost Structure for UAE Driving License?

For estimation, the total fee should be 5000 AED.



For Lectures

850 AED

File opening

950 AED

For Signal Test

315 AED

For Final Road Test

335 AED

Regular classes fee

1260 AED

License issue

330 AED

For Yard Test

335 AED

Preliminary test

105 AED

Assessment Test

160 AED

Administration Charges

210 AED

What are the discounts and who can get them?

Brothers I have got a discount during the classes. I have almost saved 600 AED during the classes. As I have got it I also want you to get benefit from this trick also. There are two options for this:

Whether you are UAE residential or foreigner, if you have your original driving license of the country from which you belong and it has a duration of 2 to 5 years. So you’ll receive a discount of 40 to 30 AED and the total becomes 600 AED.

And the 2nd option is that if your license has a duration of 5 years above then 20 classes discount will be given to you. Really it means that you have saved almost 600 AED as out of 40 classes you have to pay for the 20 classes.

Locations of institutes for the registration of UAE Driving License

There are many institutions in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and others.

  1. Fujairah National Driving Institute—- (Location: Fujairah)
  2. Sharjah Driving Institute—————- (Location: Sharjah)
  3. Belhasa Driving Center —————– (Location: Dubai)
  4. Dubai Driving Institute—————— (Location: Dubai)
  5. Al Ahli Driving Center——————- (Location: Dubai)
  6. Emirate Driving Institute————– (Location: Dubai)
  7. Gala Dari Motor Driving Center —– (Location: Dubai)
  8. Emirates Driving Company———– (Location: Abu Dhabi)

Can a person apply without NOC for UAE Driving License?

Yes, there are many types of persons who could need to have the NOC and apply for a driving license without it. In the table a list of these persons are given:

1.       Mufti 2.       Doctor
3.       Lawyer 4.       Judge
5.       Nurse 6.       Imam
7.       Prosecutor 8.       Consultant
9.       Noukhaza 10.   Speaker
11.   Legalist 12.   Daiah
13.   General practitioner 14.   Adviser
15.   Orator 16.   Pharmacist
17.   Surgeon 18.   Specialist
19.   Military Personnel 20.   Editor
21.   Marriage Official 22.   Teacher
23.   Guide 24.   Investor
25.   Hostess 26.   Expert
27.   Trainer 28.   Lecturer
29.   Reciter 30.   Professor
31.   Historian 32.   Director
33.   Engineer 34.   Producer
35.   Contractor 36.   Anchor
37.   Pilot 38.   Captain
39.   Broker 40.   Auditor
41.   Writer 42.   Trade
43.   Accountant 44.   Trader
45.   Auctioneer 46.   Tour Guide
47.   Manager 48.   Journalist
49.   Researcher 50.   Programme Planner

You can also get a Dubai NOL card within few steps.

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