UAE Business Visa | Visa Requirements, Cost and Applying Process

uae business visa

What is the UAE business visa? A UAE business visa is that which is given to a foreigner for himself and for his dependents such as parents, wife, children, relatives, etc. As its name shows that it is for business purposes. It is a part of the Golden visa system and obtained for the long term. It may be for 6 months, 5 years, or 10 years. A six-month business visa can be renewed for one time without leaving the country.

A businessman must know these points:

  • He must have the experience of the business which he wants to start in the UAE.
  • He must have to satisfy the FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) about his business experience and other requirements.
  • So, he must have a wealthy amount to start a business in the UAE.
  • He must have a satisfactory background and not have any health problems.

Documents required for UAE business visa:

  • A passport for entry (valid at least for six months) with at least one blank visa page. You must have evidence of satisfactory funds.
  • You must have evidence of onward/return flights.

business visa

How to apply for a UAE business visa?

This question is frequently asking by someone. So you can easily apply for a business visa if you have your proposal approved by an incubator maintained through the UAE government (AREA 2071) in Dubai and (HUB 71) in Abu Dhabi. When your proposal has approved, you’ll have invited to apply for a business visa via the FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship). The procedure for the proposal is :

  1. You have to visit the website
  2. You have to create a new account on it.
  3. When your account has verified, you have to log in and have to apply for the proposal.
  4. Then admit your completed application. The procedure should take 30 days or more and within these days you will receive a review of your application.

How to receive a UAE business visa?

  • If your proposal is successful, you’ll receive a link to upload the documents which are required for your visa application, and after submitting these documents your process is completed.
  • And if your proposal and application are not approving, you would be able to apply again after 90 days.
  • If your proposal has approved you’ll be asked to finish the process via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s website.
  • And you’ll receive an email in which further instructions are present that” How to receive the visa?” (you will receive the email which you have submitted in the application form).
  • If you are outside of the UAE you’ll be able to get a UAE business visa of six months to enter the UAE you will have to apply for a residency permit before your visa expires.
  • If you are living presently in the UAE you must have to convert your visa into a residency permit and for this purpose, you have a month.
  • In any case, the Federal authority for identity and citizenship is the best department in converting your visa into a residency permit.


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