How to Fix “Sim Card Is Not From Verizon” in 2021


Sometimes when you put a sim card in your android phone, it shows an error “sim card is not from Verizon” and your sim card does not work, before it is fixed. When your android phone has this error, you can’t call, send text messages and even you cannot use the internet.

Here are three easy steps and amazing steps to fix this error. You just need to follow these guidelines and you can easily fix ‘sim card is not from Verizon. This will block your mobile from using the internet.

How to fix Sim card is not from Verizon?

We are going to fix it in three methods. To fix this error in a quick and easy way, follow the steps given below.

Method No.1

Step.1: First open your notification bar and tap your finger on the notification ” sim card is not from Verizon

Step.2: Then click on the “i” icon or click on the “app info”

Step.3: It will take you to the setting page of the setup wizard.

Step.4: In Setup Wizard settings there will two options “Force Stop” and “Disable”.


Step.5: Click on the “Force Stop” button.

Step.6: When you click on the force stop button a warning will be shown. You will have to close that warning.

Step.7: Then restart your android phone.

After restarting your phone, you will see that the error “sim card is not from Verizon” has been removed automatically and now you can call, message, and use the internet without restrictions.

Method No.2

Step.1: Open your phone settings.

Step.2: After that open mobile networks.

Step.3: Click on the Network mode.

Step.4: After that, click on the “Global” button and click on save.

Step.5: Then repeat the steps given in Method No.1


Method No.3

Step.1: Open your android mobile settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Step.2: Scroll down and open the applications.

Step.3. In the applications, click on the application manager.

Step.4: In the application manager find setup wizard.

Step.5: Click on the setup wizard.

Step.6: In Setup Wizard settings click on the “force stop” button.

Step.7: Then restart your android phone.

After restarting your phone automatically, you will see that there will be no error about “sim card is not from Verizon” and you can everything on your mobile phone without restrictions.

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