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I know you are already aware of the history of the SEWA. Just for your information, SEWA is now a government company or department working in the emirates as in Sharjah. It was founded in 1971. It is the largest department which is procuring and distributing gas, water, and electricity. Before going to the detail on What is the SEWA bill payment process?. You have to know how to register, check, view, and download the SEWA bills online..

Methods for the SEWA Bill payments:

  1. Through SEWA official website
  2. By e-Pay
  3. By customer service office of SEWA
  4. SEWA accepted 22 banks
  5. Etisalat
  6. UAE Post Offices
  7. Through Estimarat
  8. SEWA Smart app Also

1. e-PAY

If you want to pay the bills by the e-Pay, you have to register first. And you can also easily register yourself on the SEWA website through e-Services and by the SEWA app on the mobile.


Benefits of e-Pay:  you’ll receive, pay, and check your bills anytime and anywhere. You are also able to check the bill and payment history. Easily update and manage your account.

2. By the SEWA official website

 After putting in the password and the username, you need some documents as to begin the process:

  • A trade license number(Commercial customers)
  • Emigrates ID card(Only for residents)
  • A confirmed Emirates mobile number
  • A confirmed email address
  • Your passport number
  • Federal SS number

How to register?

Step No 1

Fill in the Identity information as:

SEWA bill payment
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You can also search for your identity as shown in the screenshot.

Step No 2

Fill in the customer details. Remember that if you submit the Customer information the customer field will be filled automatically as:

SEWA bill payment
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Step no 3

Fill in the Login details also:

SEWA bill payment
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Step No 4

Finally, Read the terms and conditions and tick agree with them, and press the green bounded register option to end the process.

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When you have registered successfully, on the e-services login your account by putting the name and password. Here you can also see the details of your bills and pay option.

Remember that you cannot pay the bills without logging in but you can check or view the bills without login.

3. SEWA Bill Payment Smart App:

Download and install the SEWA app available on the google play and play store. You have to submit the Trade license number and Emirates ID card number.



Finally, you can log in by writing your password and username. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the conformed mobile or on the email.

Benefits of SEWA Smart App:

A few important benefits of the SEWA Smart Application are given as:

  • Many types of Bill inquiries can be checked
  • CO2 amount Release calculation
  • Bill payment and also gives complete detail
  • E-Pay service by the different card
  • Payment & bill Graph of 1 year(12 months)
  • Using the Global positioning system also Give the machine payment locations
  • Gives the location of nearby Customer Service Center    

4. SEWA Bill Payment customer office service

You can also SEWA bills by the Customer services centers. These Customer services centers are present all over the Emirates of UAE. 

5. By SEWA Accepted Banks

you can also pay the SEWA bills by the SEWA accepted 22 banks as:

  1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  2. Al Hilal Bank
  3. Ajman Bank
  4. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  5. Citi Bank
  6. Emirates Islamic Bank
  7. Emirates NBD Bank
  8. Dubai Islamic Bank
  9. Commercial Bank of Dubai
  10. Invest Bank
  11. First Abu Dhabi Bank
  12. Noor Islamic Bank
  13. Sharjah Islamic Bank
  14. Mashreq Bank
  15. Standard Chartered
  16. National Bank of Fujairah
  17. United Arab Bank
  18. RAK Bank
  19. Arab Bank
  20. CBI
  21. NBQ
  22. Al Masraf

6. Through Etisalat

For public easiness, SEWA has announced a new feature that in the emirate of Sharjah all the bills can be allowed to pay by the Etisalat Machines. So you can easily pay the bills by the Etisalat machines located in the emirates easily and conveniently.

7. By post office

You can also pay the bills via the nearby post office. All the branches give permission to pay all types of SEWA bill by post offices also.

8. Through EsteMarat

SEWA bill payment can also be done by the Estemarat department or center.

However, all the processes are good but the website and smart app method are the best ones.

SEWA Bill Check process Details also

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