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What is the Salik Gate?

The residents of Dubai are not unknown to the Salik gates. First toll gate is used in different places in Dubai. A person having his vehicle have to pay the 4 AED toll fee. Now, these gates are used in Dubai in many places. These are actually RFID (Radio-frequency identification) based gates. This is an automatic identification method, depending upon storing and saving data using devices called RFID tags.

Working of the Salik gate:

A silk gate is an RFIG based gate. You have placed a Salik sticker or a tag on the windscreen of your vehicle. And the tag you have attached to your windscreen has connected to your Salik account.

 When you have passed the gate an amount of the 4 AED has deduced automatically. These are easily available on the petrol stations and also available online.

Cost of the Salik Tag:

There are two ways to get these tags:

  1. By the online method, the cost is 120 AED with 50 AED balance (20 AED are the dive livery charges)
  2. From petrol, station cost is 100 AED with 50 AED balance.

How to place a tag on your vehicle windscreen?

You have to chose the exact position to place it. The best place is the middle of the screen in the doted area.

  • You have to dry and clean the windscreen before you place the tag.
  • Now remove the transparent layer of the tag.
  • Place it from one corner and keeping slowly to avoid the bubble. Because the bubble is nit good for this technique.

Benefits of the Salik toll gates:

  • These gates save time because it is a free-flowing system
  • You don’t need to slow your vehicle to pay the toll at toll gates
  • And you don’t need to wait to pay the toll at toll gates, booths etc.
  • You don’t need to carry cash with you because the toll has deducted automatically
  • Only need a Salik tag and place it on the front windscreen.



 Dubai Salik gate and their locations

Finally, there are seven such types of toll gates in Dubai:

  • Al Maktoum Bridge   Location (Umm Hurair Road)
  • The Al Garhoud Bridge    Location (Sheikh Rashid Road)
  • Al Safa                      Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • Airport Tunnel           Location (Beirut Street)
  • Al Barsha                  Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • Al Mamzar                Location (Al Ittihad Road)
  • Jebel Ali                    Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)

Salik gates fee

Salik gate namesFees
Al Maktoum Bridge
Location (Umm Hurair Road)
Al Garhoud Bridge
Location (Sheikh Rashid Road)
Al Safa
Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)
Airport Tunnel
Location (Beirut Street)
Al Barsha
Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)
Al Mamzar south
Location (Al Ittihad Road)
Al Mamzar north
Location (Al Ittihad Road)
Jebel Ali
Location (Sheikh Zayed Road)

 Discounts through these toll gates:

  • While going in the same direction through Al Mamzar south gate you have to pay the toll for one time in an hour.
  • The Al Maktoum Bridge will be free at 6 am Saturday and free at 10 pm on Thursday.           

Salik violations and fines

  1. Drivers who make changes and try to avoid the toll may be fined 1000 AED
  2. Not registered vehicle fine after the 10 business day
  • 100 AED on 1st day
  • 200 AED on 2nd day
  • 300 AED on 3rd day

 3. Having an insufficient balance of 50 AED (after a grace period of 10 days).

salik recharge

Vehicles relieved from toll fees gates:

some people can be relieved from these tall gate fees but this exemption is for only one vehicle.

  • College bus
  • Police vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • RTA public bus
  • Military vehicle
  • School bus
  • Those under the Determined Ones umbrella are also exempted.
  • People having some type of disabilities such as Visual disabilities, mental disabilities, Autism, Physical disabilities can also apply for this type of relief.

Amazingly, Exempted people can also change their exception letter to other vehicle but they have to cancel the first exemption letter and have to follow a lager process. Their Selik has also renewed when people change the vehicle. Remember that you can recharge it online.

How to recharge it and check the balance of it.

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