RTA Fines | Check And Pay RTA Fines in UAE

How to pay Dubai RTA fines?

RTA stands for Road and Transport Authority. Emir of Dubai, Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum founded this. RTA fines is a government non-dependent institution. It made the rule for the transport system and for the traffic and imply them on the citizens. in any case of violation, it also conducts fines from the violators. So, everyone should follow the rules and regulations to decrease the rate of death by decrease accidents.

In the following table, the amounts of Dubai RTA fines on the different kind of violations are given:



100 AED




  • Don’t create any disturbance to the other passenger
  • Avoid sitting on the reserved seats
  • Don’t violate the signboards of RTA
  • Don’t go to the restricted Areas of vehicles
  • Climbing on vehicles or any transport is prohibited
  • Don’t eat and drink in the transport or forbidden areas
  • Keep your feet off the seat
  • Don’t try to open the door or leave the moving transport
  • Keep away your animals from public transport and place
  • Don’t sit at the part of the vehicle which not used to sit
  • Don’t park your vehicle in RTA specific spaces (24 hours)

 200 AED 


  •  You should have a ticket
  •  You should use your personal travel card
  •  Don’t use the expired Nol card
  •  Don’t try to sell the Nol card without a permission letter from RTA
  •  Avoid causing any destruction to RTA’s property
  •  Don’t keep alcohol with you
  •  Salesmen are not allowed to sell anything on the transport system
  •  Don’t try to distract the attention of the driver
  •  Smoking is not allowed inside public transport
  •  Don’t try to carry any flammable or weapon with you in the transport

 250 AED 

  •   Parking in the RTA’s related special buildings (above 48hours)

 300 AED 

  •   Don’t sleep in the waiting rooms or any public transport place

500 AED

  •   Don’t try to use the fake Nol card
  •   Don’t try to damage the property of transport under the control of the RTA

 2000 AED 

  • Don’t try to use the emergency facility in the transport until required

What is Dubai RTA fines special discount?



Drive Safely For

% age of Discount

3 (three) months
25 % Discount
6 (six) months
50% Discount
9 (nine) months
75% Discount
12 (twelve) months
100% Discount

How to pay Dubai RTA Fines Online?

I am describing each step with a screenshot of the website that how you can simply and easily check your Dubai RTA fines and how can you pay Dubai RTA fines online?


Open this link Pay Dubai RTA Fines.


There is an area shaded with yellow color in the following image click on the interface “Check Your Fines”

Dubai rta fines


You have got an interface in which four steps are given. You have to fill them completely one by one.

dubai ta fines


Fill one of the boxes with authentic information. it means that you can check the fine in three different ways.

  1. With fine nimber                       (for this fill that particular box)
  2. By license number                     (for this fill that particular box)
  3. With the traffic file number   (for this fill that particular box)
  4. with plate number                    (for this fill that particular box)

check rta fines


By clicking on the “Next” you can be able to see your fines if there is a fine on you. in the case that you have no fine, a message appears on it which shows that you have no fine.


You have to confirm the fine details and other details.


Finally, you can easily pay the fine by choosing the “Pay” option.


Get a piece of complete information about the Nol Card and learn how to check the balance online of Nol card.

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