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nol card balance check

Here is the easiest way for the NOL card balance check in no time just within few steps. But before going to the detail I want you to give a bit of information about the NOL Card.

What is NOL Card?

Actually the gadget or an electronic card which is mostly used in the Emirates of the UAE to pay out the fair of public transports as for Trains, Metro, Buses, Parking and to buy the tickets for these transport systems.

So if you have a NOL card then you have to recharge first before using it. But if you have not bought it recommends buying it because it a great opportunity. You need not carry a purse with you because Your NOL Card just like your bank account.  

A New Feature

In the start, it was only used to pay out the public transport fair but now it is also used to buy fuel, food, grocery, and drinks in the different shops all around the UAE.

Online NOL card Balance checking Methods

There are two easiest way to check NOL card balance:

  1. RTA Portal on Official Website
  2. RTA Android App

Remember that: You are only able to check the NOL card balance only if you have NOL Card Number.

Nol card balance check through RTA Portal on Official Website

For this, now visit the official website.

1st step: See the screenshot given below and click on the option which is circled in red color “Check NOL Balance”.

 nol card balance check
Image credit: RTA
nol card balance check
Image credit: RTA

2nd step: Here after clicking the portal a simple forum will be opened fill the box with your “Nol Card Number”. And press for the Search option to begin the process.             

3rd step: How to get the NOL Tag ID or NOL card Number? The answer to this question is that it is present on the Lower Left Corner of your NOL Card. Put this ID number in the empty box and click the search option.

Nol ID Tag

4rth step: Note you have to fill in the Captcha if you want to complete the process. It may be a different kind of or just like the puzzle game. This asks you to choose the images with traffic lights. After clicking on all the images with the traffic light the captcha will be verified.

5th step: On the screen of your device, a new page will be opened where the complete information of your Nol card balance is present.

check nol balance
Image credit: RTA

NOL Card Balance Check through RTA Android App

This is a simple and easy method to check the balance on Android Mobile. For this purpose You just have to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the “Play Store” of your mobile and Search for “RTA APP”.
  2. Now install the app on the Phone.
  3. Turn over the slides and reach the “Public Transport” Page.
  4. See in the screenshot the option of “Check your NOL Balance” is present. Open this portal.

    nol card balance check
    Image credit: RTA
  5. Fill in the Tag ID or NOL card number in the box and fill up the captcha. Continue the process by clicking on the View Balance.

    rta public transport
    Image credit: RTA
  6. The detail of the whole balance appeared on the screen of your mobile.

    nol card
    Image credit: RTA

You can also view the Nol card history. It includes all the previous transaction details.

How to check NOL card balance using NFC?

Another latest technology-based method to check the NOL card balance online is NFC. NFC means Near Field Communication. This option automatically gives the opportunity to pay the bills, see the billing history and connect them electronically.

This option is not present on all mobile phones. Only the latest technology-based mobile phones have this option in the more connection setting.

  1. If your Mobile has this option “NFC and Payment”. In the connection setting option. Then on it.
  2. Now chode the Public transport portal of the RTA app. After this select the option of NOL Card Balance.
  3. Here an option Tap To Read NOL card is present. Keep your Nol card near it. Finally, it will show your Nol card Balance in few seconds.

How to top up NOL Card? / How to Recharge NOL Card online?

  1. You can top up your Nol Card online by the Official website.
  2. The limit of the NOL card recharge or top-up mostly depends upon the type of NOL card which is 7.5 AED to 5000 AED.
  3. Put NOL ID Tag in the box and fill up the captcha.
  4. Amount and Payment will be done online after confirmation.

You can also recharge nol card by using NFC as described above. It is present in some mobiles.

How to recharge NOL card from machines?

At the bus stop, meteor stations, and bus stations you can see the nol ticket vending machines.

  1. Visit a vending machine and keep the Nol card on the vending machine screen. It will automatically show the nol card type and your current balance.
  2. Chose the top-up amount and done the process. When the recharge is completed you have to print the receipt.
  3. Don’t try to pick up the card until the receipt is printed, otherwise, you will have to do the process again.
  4. You can also recharge your NOL card at the internet-connected parking machines.
  5. From 45 minutes to 4 hours your card will activate when you did the process.

NOL to NOL transfer

If a person wants to transfer some money from his NOL card to his relatives or friends NOL card then this term is known as nol to nol transfer or nol to nol recharge. The best way for this purpose is by using the facility of the NFC on the android mobile.

  1. “ON” the NFC on the Mobile
  2. Here select the option “nol to nol transfer”.
  3. The app will read the information when you touch the nol card on the back of your mobile.
  4. A simple form will open. In this write, the amount has to transfer.

Nol Card and Its four Types(silver, golden, blue, and red Nol cards.

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