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The Emirate of Dubai makes sure to give all facilities and entertainment for its residents, citizens, and visitors, by establishing recreational places and picnic points all over the emirate, of which Dubai Parks is a part. Among Dubai parks, Mushrif Park is a beautiful park. The parks in Dubai are very popular among the emirate’s residents and visitors alike, as the numerous facilities they offer for spending holidays and official holidays. In this article, we will talk about Mushrif Park Dubai and what it offers residents of all ages.

mushrif park dubai


Al Mushrif Park Dubai is one of the oldest parks, dating back to 1974, and from 1974 to the present day. It is commonly known as the first place for the residents at the place. Because the park management has given various facilities that would attract visitors and public means.


The park provides many facilities that provide the opportunity for visitors to practice various activities, including:


Mushrif Park Dubai provides a lot of places for the barbecue, which differentiates it from the others which do not give permission for barbecue inside, moreover to providing boards and tables that can be used when bringing food from outside the park.

Eating in the Mushrif Park in Dubai is not limited to barbecue only, but there are a much amount of restaurants in the park, which have countless local and international meals.

mushrif park dubai


Mushrif Park Dubai also offers unique activities that are not offered by other Dubai parks, containing watching the different kinds of birds. Many people also feel happy by hearing the sounds that fill the place, and among the types of birds in the garden are owls, Arab chattering birds, yellow-necked birds, and the well-known peacock, which usually stop visitors to the park for its beauty.


mushrif park dubai

Visitors, especially children, enjoy riding camels and horses. Al Mushrif Park in Dubai includes an equestrian center that provides various services to its visitors. Including horse riding teaching, to give the pleasure of residents of the area with diverse interests.


Swimming is can be practice to lessen the summer heat in Dubai, and to achieve this and for swimming enthusiasts in particular. Mushrif Park Dubai has different swimming pools for adults and children. As the fees for using the Mushrif Park Dubai pool are 10 dirhams for adults, and 5 dirhams for children.


Parks are usually the best places for athletes to practice their sports activities without any in the open air. Therefore, Mushrif Park in Dubai also includes many other playgrounds that are according to the desires of athletes of all feelings. Including volleyball, basketball courts, football fields, and others.


mushrif park dubai

As for cycling enthusiasts, there is also a specific place as they can practice their hobby on the special bike paths provided by Mushrif Park. Some of which are allocating for adults, and others for children, to ensure visitors a very enjoyable experience.


In all of its projects, the Emirate of Dubai seeks to achieve uniqueness and achieve an unprecedented achievement, such as the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world, and the unique flower garden. Mushrif Park has achieved this through the availability of the International Village in it. Where the visitor feels good which includes 13 dwellings representing a different style for each country as the German house, the Thai house, and other houses.


Aventura Park is considered the first of its kind in the Emirate of Dubai, with an area of ​​35,000 square meters in Mushrif Al Khawaneej Park, and offers 85 challenges in 5 levels to suit all people, including Explorer, Rangers, Extreme, Aventura,  and Thriller.The average height and the number of challenges in it. Where the Xtreme level is the most difficult challenge among all the tracks in Aventura Dubai Park.

As the participant must overcome 16 obstacles and challenges. Including the Tarzan jump, which also reaches a height of 25 meters, and the minimum allowed length is 1.6 meters. The average height is from 3.5 to 9 meters.Are you also want to NOL card balance check if you have an NOL card.

However, Aventura Park Dubai is a natural reserve for the gray Ghaf trees, in order to protect them. From damage that may because to them, so visitors are allowe to enter through specific paths that reach certain points of the park.

Work time

  • Sunday – Wednesday: 01:00 pm – 08:00 pm


The park also has necessary facilities such as including Mosques, chapels, toilets, and others. The park also provides a train that tours it all to get to know its sections,as the fee is 2 AED per person.

In support of the Dubai government’s vision regarding people of determination, Mushrif Park Dubai has provided facilities for them. Such as private parking spaces near the entrance gates, running corridors, and designated toilets.


The park is located in Deira in the Mushrif region, bordered by Al Mizhar to the north. And Al Warqaa to the south, and Al Khawaneej and Mirdif are close to it.


  • Sunday to Wednesday: From 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Thursday – Saturday: 08:00 AM – 11:00 PM


  • 3 AED/person
  • 10 dirhams/car

Free for people of determination and children

Thus, we also have provided you with all the information related to Mushrif Park, Dubai. You can also see other gardens browse through the Department of Variety in real estate first blog in Arabic in the United Arab Emirates, such as Safari Park Dubai and the Global Village in addition to the teacher’s huge entertainment  AMG.

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