How to get a damaged or lost Emirates ID?

Unfortunately, sometimes we lost Emirates ID anywhere, damaged in an accident or stolen through someone. You need not worry at this moment.

Some frequently asked questions:

1.  Where to report lost emirate ID?

2.  How to report lost emirates ID?

3.  How to report lost emirates ID online?

The answers to these questions are given below completely and step by step.

First of all, you need to inform ICA about your Emirates ID to the nearest centre and appeal them to gave you another Emirates ID card.

 lost emirates id

1. Inform about your Emirates ID replacement:

If your ID is damaged, stolen or lost then go to the near-by ICA Customer Happiness Centre and inform about your Emirates ID. Due to Security purposes, ICA will block your stolen or lost Emirates ID. Then ICA will ask you to give a proof for the ID. In case of a damaged ID card, you need to bring a damaged ID card with you.  You also need to carry these documents with you:

  • Those foreigners who are living in UAE need to bring their Family Certificate.
  • A foreigner living in UAE should carry their original Visa.
  • UAE people should carry their nationality certificate.
  • If a child ID is lost or stolen under the age of 15 years then parents should have to give his birth certificate.
  • Children also need to submit his passport size photographs with white background.

2. Filling of form for ID replacement:

Then after the above step, you need to fill an application form for ID replacement. So, you can fill the form by the following mean:

  • You can go to the nearest ICA’s Customer Happiness Centre and submit the application form from there.
  • You can also visit the ICA website and apply for ID replacement and fill an online form.
  • Also, you can install the UAE ICA application from iTunes or Google play store.

3. Submitting ID Replacement Fee:

The fees for the ID replacement are given below in the table:

Types of Replacement Cost
For ID replacement 300 AED
For applying through any local computer centre. 300AED + 70AED
For applying through ICA online form. 300AED + 40 AED
For urgent replacement 300AED + 150AED

These charges are for all residents of the UAE & paid after submitting the application form.

4. How to Receive a replaced or lost Emirates ID?

After the submission of the application form and ID fee ICA will inform you about the status of your ID card replacing process through text message. ICA will also inform you about the time of receiving emirates ID. Mostly ICA sends your new ID in 2 days or 48 Hours. If you have applied for the urgent service you will receive your new replaced ID card in only 24 hours or 1 day and receive it from your postal address.

For more information:

Please contact ICA centre by toll-free number 300036005.

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