Kuwait Civil id Status Check Online 2023

Kuwait civil id status check

Kuwait Civil id status checks online in 2023. A civil id card is the most important and required document in Kuwait for all Citizens and residents. It is used as a national identity card in Kuwait. A valid civil id card is necessary for Kuwait for using 90% of services in Kuwait. Some of these are.

  • Opening bank account
  • All Government Services
  • Joining in School
  • Getting License
  • Joining Jobs
  • Getting Salary

You can’t use all the services in Kuwait without a Valid civil id card. So civil id validity is required in Kuwait. So must check your civil id status on time and renew it, if it is near expiry. All peoples Like residents or citizens are eligible to get civil IDs.

If you want to get a new civil id then apply for registration online using the Kuwait Government website. A new civil id takes 30 days to arrive in your home because now you can get civil id home delivery in Kuwait. This card is issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Kuwait Civil id Status Check Online

Kuwait civil id status check

Kuwait Civil id status checks online in 2023 is very easy. You can check your civil id status online in these four ways.

  • With PACI Kuwait
  • Through MOI Website
  • Through Voice Call
  • Using the Civil id Mobile App

Civil id Status Check With Kuwait Portal (PACI Kuwait)

The Kuwait Portal PACI Kuwait offers an online services to check your civil id status. Follow these steps to check the status with PACI Kuwait.

  • Visit the Kuwait Portal PACI the Kuwait Website.
  • Enter Your Civil id Number in the box of Inquiring about Civil ID Status. This is available in the Home page of the PACI Kuwait Portal.


civil id status


  • Click on Query Button to check your civil id Validity Status
  • The Validity Report will display on your Screen. Check Your card validity status

Valid Card: If your card will be Valid, then you will see this message on your Mobile Screen (“you are holding a valid identity card”).

Not Valid Card: If your card will not valid and you need to renew it then this type of message displays on your Mobile Screen (“You have not renewed your id card).

Kuwait Civil id Status Check With MOI Website

MOI Website is the Ministry Of Interior website. Now you can check your civil id status in Kuwait Online through the Ministry of Interior website (MOI)

To check your Kuwait Civil id Status Online With MOI Website, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior’s website (MOI) Online Using any device like a Mobile or Laptop and click on the “Civil ID” tab.
  • Click on the Option of Moi Website “Check Civil ID Status” link.
  • Enter your Civil ID number and fill in the Captcha code carefully to prove yourself human.
  • Click on the “Search” button to know about the validity of your Kuwait identity card.

Kuwait Civil ID enquiry

Kuwait Civil id enquiry online in 2023. Now you can enquire about your civil id with Voice query or PACI Kuwait Portal. The PACI Kuwait Customer Service also helps you with your civil id inquiry. The helps center number of PACI is 1889988.

Follow these Steps for Kuwait Civil id enquiry

  • Call on PACI Customer help center Number 1889988
  • Provide your Civil ID number and other personal information to the Customer support help center.
  • The customer service representative tell you the Validity status of your civil id.

In this way you can easily enquire about your civil id.

Civil id Validity Status

Civil id validity status check online through Kuwait civil id Mobile app. Follow these steps

  • Download the Civil id Mobile App on Your Mobile
  • Open and select the English Language
  • Now Click on the Civil id Status Option
  • Enter Your civil id card number
  • Click on the Query option to check your civil id validity status.

How To Check Civil id Status Offline?

Check your Civil id Status offline. Visit PACI Kuwait Customer Center in Kuwait which is located in Kaifan St, Kuwait. This is Open from  Sunday → Thursday, 6 AM → 8 PM. Visit the center and you need to bring your civil id card and other personal informational documents. The customer representative your your card status and give you a copy of your civil id status.


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