How to Change Your Mobile Number in Emirates ID?

Due to the COVID-19, the government has made it mandatory to get vaccinated for every citizen and every resident, so to overcome this trouble. On the DHA app on your android or PC, you need and have to register a Movement Reference number/MRN number. It means that you receive a message or a call on this number which is connected to Emirates Id. How to change your mobile number in emirates id?

Many people have provided phone numbers that are not in their use or that are not easy to access, whatever the reason but they are not able to receive the message connected to their Emirates Id. So ICA provides such an online service known as ICA smart services on which you are able to change the phone number easily.

3 steps must be followed to change your previous number with online method:

  1. Go to the website of ICA smart services
  2. Review and authentication of the application
  3. Application Fee Payment

Step #1

Go to the website of ICA smart services

See the image given below:

how to change mobile number in emirates id
Image Credit: ICA Smart Services

You have to fill in all the information correctly to proceed to the next step. Actually, the form is a request to change your mobile number.

  • The current nationality present on your Emirates Id, choose that country. When you choose this option a drop-down opens. Now write your identity number of Emirates Id, city code, and family book number.
  • Fill out the passport number.
  • Write the name in English with correct spellings.
  • Also, write your name in Arabic
  • Write Date of Birth as mentioned on an ID card.
  • Put a valid Email address that is in use.

Remember that when you fill the nationality box it will ask you to provide the File Number. Where to get File No? It is present just above the passport number on the resident visa. To enter the File number the residents of Emirate Dubai have to choose the 3 section number, while the residents of any other emirate have to choose the 4 section number.

You will see a drop-down after entering the required information. Here enter the previous Email address and the mobile number. Now select the option of “Register mobile number”. Put your new mobile number. For verification, you’ll receive a code by message, write the code, verify the captcha and move on.

Step #1

Authentication and Review of application

Verify all the information you have submitted and the new mobile number. Make sure all the information you have submitted is correct. Now proceed to the next step.

Step #3

Application Fee Payment

Now you have to pay the application fee which will be appearing when you review the application. The fee to change the mobile number connected to your Emirates Id is 52.15 AED. It will take 3 to 7 days to change the mobile number, but when you pay out the fee, you’ll receive an email that you have successfully paid the fee.

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