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If a person got stuck in the UAE or he is not sure about the expiry date or issue date of his emirates id card or the visa, then he can find the complete details of his visa by the following methods.

Emirates ID status Tracking service is a process to check-in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you have already an access license or nationality card to Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Ajman, so you can track your ID status on the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship– ICA (the e-Website for the nationality, residency or (citizenship).

When you accurately submit an application for an ID card to any  ID card provider so request them to provide you the application number and reference number. By this application number and reference number, you know about the application of ID status.

emirates id status

The tracking system also gives information about the new Emirate ID status and also for renewal ID status. This site gives all information about Emirates ID status. Some basic steps are given below; these steps will help you to check your ID status in a very easy way.

All updates about emirates id tracking status are discussed here, which will help you for understanding the feature of emirates Identity card (ID). This ID card has many benefits and uses; you get every service which is provided by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Tracking Process of Emirates ID Status:

An ID tracking system is basically a process by which you can know about the application status of an Emirates ID card. This application form gives all information for the new ID status and also for the old ones. This emirates ID is mostly similar to the identity nationality card of the other countries, and it has all the personal information of a person and identification detail of his owner.

check emirates id status

Step 1: For a new Emirates ID card, initially fill online application form UAE’s main website Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship– ICA with some of your personal information. For a new ID card or for renewal of an old ID card you have to pay 100 AED to the nationality authority for every year.

Step 2: After filling the application form for Emirates ID then check your application status on the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

This ID card is valid only for your personal use and the Emirate state does not allow you to give this card to another person to use it.

  • It is also helpful for online transactions
  • for personal identification
  • for security purposes and
  • As a driving license etc.
  • Emirates ID also used for trips to Oman. Then fill an online application for the trip.

Do you know the Features of Emirates ID?

Many people do not know the Emirates ID tracking process or checking the Emirates ID status. For this purpose, the UAE state provides many official sites that help you in checking ID status and UAE has also established some offices in particular cities where you can acquire complete information about your Emirates ID status.

Emirates ID status tracking system allows you to change your ID profile image and some other details like passport validity and personal data password. If you have already an emirates ID then you cannot get an extra Emirates ID card. You cannot change your emirates ID card before its expiry date.

These websites also provide video guidelines for all customers. These videos help every person with ID tracking, ID status, ID validity, and renewal of Emirates ID. These topics fully explained on our site. If you have any issue with these topics you can visit our main Home page.

You can also check problems which you are facing like traffic violations. Traffic problems and other types of such problems are discussed on these websites.

Please keep in mind that emirates ID and Citizen ID are two different things. Therefore there are different methods for checking Citizen ID and Emirates ID. If you have any confusion then visit the main website of the UAE.

This website can help you to solve your problems related to Emirates ID status. If you liked this content or this information was helpful to leave a comment below. And you can also give suggestions on how to more improve this content.

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