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Recently Emirates ID Authority of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) states has stopped the airline services completely due to COVID 19. But now all the UAE (United Arab Emirates) states reopened the banned Airline services for foreigners, visitors, and workers. And has allowed coming back to their home country with strict SOPs (standard operation procedures).

ICA (Identity and citizenship authority) also stopped visiting through Emirates Identity cards for short time for the citizens of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and GCC countries (Gulf Co-operation council). Now ICA (Identity and citizenship authority) has allowed citizens to remove the restriction for visiting but with strict SOPs (standard operation procedures)

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) gave rise to the importance of valid passports, visas, and emirates citizen ID. So that the movement of the citizen, foreigners can be monitored and the spread ofCOVID 19 from other country or in the country is controlled.

Now as the number of COVID 19 patients are decreasing day by day so UAE (United Arab Emirates). The Government has allowed the Industries, offices, schools, and other institutions to return to their normal position. Only by following the guidelines which have provided by the Government.

The UAE government and ICA or Emirates ID Authority have started to provide visas and ID cards for foreigners (visitors, workers, employers, and nationalists). UAE government has strictly implemented the SOPs. And has started to fine 500 AED to anyone who does not wear a mask.

Therefore everyone should have to co-operate with the UAE Government and Emirates ID Authority. You only have to follow the SOPs provided by the Government to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Emirates ID Authority Rules for Natives and Foreigners due to COVID-19:

  • For foreigners and the natives who want to travel from one state to the other. They should take their test(no more than 96-hours) before their departure.
  • And the other test, on which the state he enters.
  • if the tests are positive he has to transfer to Quarantines centers.

How to apply for Emirates ID?

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