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Dubai Nol Card

Dubai Nol Card is a credit sized contactless electronic ticketing or electronic payment smart card. This card system was launched in Dubai in 2009 at august. And it was actually issued for all the Public Transport in Dubai.

General information and some benefits of Dubai Nol Card are:

  1. A company named “Octopus card Limited” made this card system which belonged to Hong Kong.
  2. It is handy, easy to use, and can be rechargeable.
  3. Now there is no need to carry a violet with you. Because this card is itself a violet
  4. You can easily recharge this card easily online.
  5. Most famous because it provides concessions in every payment.
  6. Has special discounts for the old men and women, for students, etc.
  7. Its storage capacity is from 7.50 AED (minimum) to 1000 AED load (maximum).
  8. Daily transaction of Dubai Nol has been recorded in millions.
  9. Can be recharged online or auto rechargeable (only blue card).
  10. You have to recharge it before you go on any journey.
  11. Now can also pay the bills for many authorized shops easily buy food, fill up the petrol, and they also pay to the sales agent.
  12. When this system was launched a person can buy this Dubai Nol card only from the Metro Stations & from bus terminals.
  13. Used for transport and authorized shop payments all around Dubai.
  14. Used for quick payments such as Dubai Tram, Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus, Dubai Taxis, Dubai Water Bus, etc.
  15. Can even be used for RTA’s paid parking services across the city using the Nol cad.
  16. Before use make sure that your Nol Card has the lowest balance of 7.5 AED.

Where can you use it?

  1. For Transport as such Dubai Tram, Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus, Dubai Taxis, Dubai Water Bus.
  2. For food and groceries as  Burger King, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Gloria Jeans, Spinneys, Zoom, Aster pharmacy,
  3. So, for filling stations as ENOC gas stations and EPCO gas stations.
  4. For parks such as Al Khor Park, Al Mamzar Park, and Quranic Park.
  5. For museums as Al shindagah Museum and Etihad Museum.
  6. Also used to pay for traffic and another kind of fines.

Some modification with time in The Dubai Nol card:


  • In the smart card Awards, this card was declared as the Best Prepaid Card in 2013 in the Middle East.
  • The RTA (Road and Transport Authority) has issued the Smart Nol card in 2013 on September 26.
  • The RTA has increased from AED 1.80 (the US $0.49) the lowest balance to AED 7.50 (the US $2.04) to facilitate the people
  • The Road and Transport Authority noticed a 52% increase in sales of this card on 21 August 2014 and on 21 October the same year, RTA proclaimed a new package for it.
  • From its introduction in 2009 to 2012, the Nol cardholders were more than 5 million.
  • At the Dubai World Trade Centre, the RTA launched a new advantage of the Nol at GITEX 2019 exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • It is expected that the Virtual Nol card would be launched in no time in which only the mobile phone is used to pay all the payments which were paid by this card.
  • The Virtual Nol card is actually a mobile app system that works the same as the smart Nol card and you did not have to carry a Nol card with you.

4 Types of Dubai Nol card:

nol card

types of nol card

Special Discounts:

Concession For            Students          (6 to 23)     Senior Citizens         (60 years and above) People of Determination                Children         (maximum 6 years)
Amount of Concession  50 % Discount for Public Transport 50 % Discount for Public Transport of 50 % Discount for Public Transport 100 % Discount for Public Transport

Requirements for this card:

For Adults
  •  Copy of the Emirates ID (Both sided).
  •  A Photograph (white background).
For Senior Citizens
  •  Copy of the Emirates ID or Passport (Both sides).
  •  Recent Photograph (white background).
  •  Any document asked by RTA in this respect.
For people of Determination(residents)
  •  Copy of the Emirates ID (Both sided).
  •  A Photograph (white background).
  •  Copy of the People of Determination Card (Both sided).
  •  Any document asked by RTA in this respect
For Tourists
  •  Copy of the Emirates ID or Passport (Both sides).
  •  Recent Photograph (white background).
  •  Tourist POE card, or the document giving the proof of people of determination.
  •  Any document asked by RTA in this respect.
For Students
  •  Passport copy (Both sided).
  •  Emirates ID copy (Both sides).
  •  Recent Photo.
  •  An educational institution issued the letter.
  •  Any document asked by RTA in this respect.
Social Affairs
  •  Copy of the Emirates ID or Passport (Both sides).
  •  Recent Photograph (white background).
  •  A legal letter from CDA for Social Security.
  •  Any document asked by RTA in this respect.
How to check  Nol card balance online?

You can easily check the Nol card balance easily by the following steps:

  • Go to the RTA Website balance page. Click on the link given below:
  • After it Clicks the “Check NOL Card Balance” box (button) to proceed with the process.
  • Then enter the NOL Card TAG ID which is present on the backside of the NOL card on the site.
  • Finally, click on the “search button” to check the Nol  Card balance.

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