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What is Du Recharge?

Going to the details of du recharge, First, you need to know about Du. It is two of the second most famous and important telecommunication companies in the UAE after Etisalat. This company was launched in 2005 at the Al Salam Tower in Dubai.

Now it has become popular and it provides a huge number of benefits and for the users, it is a smart or mini bank to pay the amounts. The other benefits are also easy and simple to use, no need to visit a bank.

du recharge

There are almost different 6 ways to Du quick recharge:

  1. Through du Application on Mobile phone
  2. By Online Quick Recharge
  3. Also Through Credit Transfers
  4. Auto recharge & My account
  5. Through Payment Machines
  6. And also using e-Vouchers, Scratch Cards, Easy-Top-Up.

1. Du app

You can easily install and download the Du application on your mobile and check your remaining balance, expended balance, and the call or mobile data offers. Install the Du app from Google Play Store and connect your credit card or bank account with it, pay the bills or other amounts, transfer money from one account to the other as to family or to friends or to the business partner, etc.du app In the Du application, you can see a graph that shows the amount transferred and received. It can automatically pay your bills if set on the automatic feature.

2. Online Quick du Recharge

This is the best and the easiest way to recharge if you have internet. Go to the official page of the Du recharge and fill in all the needed information like mobile number and enter your preferred card.

3. Credit transfers

This service is called a one 2 one service. Its shortcodes are:

  • *121*(Enter the recipient Phone No)*(AED) # and press 1 to confirm the payment and 2 to cancel the transaction
  • *135# (Recipient mobile No) press 2 for confirming the transaction and you will receive a message in no time also.

4. Auto recharge and My account.

The service not provides the facility of recharge and give you a complete graph of your daily, weekly, and monthly usage. By using this your bills will have been paid automatically every month. By using this service you can also easily send money to your friends, relatives, business partners, etc.

5. Machine Payments

Payment machines are also using to recharge the prepaid account easily in the United Arab Emirates easily. Almost 100 types of stores are present which gives this facility.

The machine used for this process is found almost in the whole city with no distances. You can also easily find their locations by the Google map

6. e-Vouchers, Scratch cards, and easy top-up

Through the services, you can easily recharge from an amount of 20 AED to 520 AED(20, 25, 50, 55, 100, 110, 200 AED Du cards are available). These services provide an instant way to recharge. These are available almost everywhere and no need to find their locations for recharge.

On the mobile there are three options:

Du online recharge More Time (Pre-paid): For this process, you have to log in and then fill the form by inserting the pre-paid Du mobile No & amount which you want to recharge. You’ll receive a message of complete detail and your balance. You can recharge by the visa card, Master card, Apple card, and PayPal card. These cards are also valid for Du online recharge More Time Pre-paid.

online more time pre paid

So, you can check your balance by dialing *135#. Limit from 15 AED (minimum) to 500 AED (maximum).

Du online recharge post-paid only: This process is the amazingly same as the above-prepaid process. In this process, the limit ranges from 50 AED to 1500 AED.du online recharge post paid onlyDu more international: The user can also enjoy a special discount by using this service. This service gives permission that you can call up to 100 countries with a special discount. Limit from 15 AED (minimum) to 500 AED (maximum).

Also, pay your bills with du Quick Pay.

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