DEWA Bill Payment

What are the DEWA bill Payment methods? First, you need to know about DEWA.

Sheikh Al Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum founded a company DEWA stands for “Dubai Electricity and Water Authority” in 1992 on 1st January. This Company is government based and it has almost 1 million customers. Before 1992 it was not a single company. It is a combination of two companies Dubai Water and Dubai Electricity. This company is very famous and has become popular over the world.

It also provides the facility to pay the bills online. Now you can also check, and pay bills, register, and cancel registration by online method.

  Methods for the DEWA bill Payments

  1. Through DEWA official website
  2. With Easy Pay portal
  3. By Smart App
  4. A Smart collection Platform “Tayseer”
  5. Also By mPay on the mobile via SMS
  6. Through Etisalat payment machines
  7. Through Noqodi
  8. DEWA accepted Banks
  9. Customer Happiness Centre
  10. The UAE post offices
  11. Finally, through Petrol stations

 1. Through DEWA official Website

DEWA Bill Payment
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       For this method, you have to see “Billing” and visit the “Bill Payment” on the official website of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DWEA). You can also pay the bills as a consumer, builder, government, job seeker, and supplier.

For this process, only UAE Pass and DEWA ID are required.

 2. With the EasyPay method

        DEWA introduced a new and useful method for the payment of the bills. You can also pay for your friend just with one click. You can access the EasyPay method in two ways:

  2.  And also through the DEWA Smart App
DEWA bill Payment
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 3. DEWA Bill Payment by Smart App

        You can easily download and install this app from the App Store and Google play store. The process of payment has become very simple. You just need to log in and register yourself on this app and you‘ll be able to pay the bills.

DEWA Bill Payment

 4. Tayseer

        Tayseer is also known as Smart Collection Platform because it sues a reference number to pay the bills of many persons by a single screen.

Amazingly, there is no fee for the process so, it is very method to pay the multiple account bills. If you want to use this method you have to first register and then log in to your account. So go to the Services section and open the Tayseer portal.

How to create a reference number? A person can create a reference number by My Reference Number method, by Uploading File method, and by Existing accounts method.

At the last, when you click on the Generate New Reference Number you’ll be able to create it. So by this reference number, you can pay the bills on the check deposit machines.

5. Through mPay on Mobile

Don’t take any tension if you have no balance and no mobile data. Also, mpay is an offline method and you can pay the bills by SMS via mobile. You just need to send an SMS for the payment. Your bills will also be automatically paid every month from your account if activate this special feature.

You just need to visit the mPay portal of the DEWA website.

6. Through Etisalat payment Machines

As we know that Etisalat is the UAE’s largest Telecom department. Its machines are present everywhere in the United Arab Emirates. So pay the bills on these machines using the nearby location. Remember that you can the bills only in cash.  

 7. Via Noqodi Method

Noqodi method is now also used for the DEWA bill payment and only the customers who have their account can be able to use this method.

Users can pay the bills by the two methods:

Noqodi Net Banking Method: Pay the bills until your account has a balance. No restriction on the payment money.

Noqodi e-Wallet Method: Also pay the bills until your account becomes empty. A low to huge amount can be easily paid.

 8. DEWA accepted Banks

There are almost 22 partners or accepted banks. You can now pay the bills by ATM Machines, Direct Debit, Phone Banking, Teller counters, and mobile banking of these banks.

These are the accepted and partners’ banks:

 1. Emirates Islamic Bank                 2. Emirates NBD

3. Standard Chartered Bank            4. Ajman Bank

5. Dubai Islamic Bank                       6. Sharjah Islamic Bank

7.  Citi Bank                                           8. Mashreq Bank

9. National Bank of Fujairah           10. First Abu Dhabi Bank

11. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank     12. RAK Bank

13. Arab Bank                                         14. United Arab Bank

15. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank              16. Dubai First

17. HSBC Bank-Middle East               18. Masjid Al-Futtaim Finance LLC.

19. Masraf Bank                                     20. National Bank of Umm-Quwain

21. Habib Bank AG Zurich                    22. Commercial Bank of Dubai

9. Customer Happiness Center

There are also many Customer Happiness Center in Dubai Where a customer can visit and pay the bills easily.

10. DEWA bill Payment via UAE Post Offices

During working hours a person can also pay the bills easily to a post office all over the UAE.  So always try to pay the bills via post offices in the working days, not on the off days.

11. DEWA bill Payment by Petrol stations

Amazingly ENOC and EPPCO petrol stations also give permission to pay the DEWA bills easily.

SEWA Bill Check

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