How to Apply for Emirates ID?

An Emirates Id is an identification card that has been used for various purposes. It contains all the stored information about you such as it consists of your photo, name, father’s name, date of birth, etc. It consists of an electronic chip that possesses your all personal information.

This Emirates Identification Card (Id) has been used for several purposes such as if you are going to buy a house, vehicle, plot you need this Id card otherwise you will not be able to buy the house, vehicle, plot.  In the same way, to buy anything in UAE states, this Id is also used for employment.


So this is necessary for residents of the UAE and foreigners living in the UAE. A person needs an Emirates Id for residency in UAE and its application must be submitted with the visa application. The visa cost ranges from 2500AED to 7500AED depending upon its time of validity.

Required documents for Emirates ID

  • An original valid passport and also family book for the UAE nationals
  • Residency authenticating document for GCC nationals
  • Residency permitted valid passport for Expatriate residents.

1. Application for Passport

A person needs the passports who want to visit any state of Dubai for employing, working, or entertainment. The company should provide this, which employs you in UAE or in the case of entertainment it is provided by the agents for Passports in your country. So first you have to apply for a passport.

2. Medical Checkup

After applying for a passport for UAE, UAE will require your tests for AIDS, Hepatitis-B, and Tuberculosis because these diseases spread from person to person. But now UAE also requires a COVID 19 test. If any of the test reports are positive the UAE will not provide the Passport.

For COVID 19 test there are many Test Centers in the UAE. You can find these centers by searching them on google map. A test that was taken in 48 hours will be valid for entry.

3. How to apply for Emirates ID?

For getting an Emirates Id, first, you should need to submit an application form for Emirate Id. You have two choices to apply.

  1. You can go to the ICA center and submit an application there or you can ask your sponsor to provide an Id card
  2. And the last choice is that you can go to a composting center and submit an application from there.

emirates id apply


4.Pasting UAE visa in a passport

After you have received your passport you will need to paste your visa in your passport. If you are going for working in UAE your visa will expire in 2 years and your Emirates Id also expires with it.

5.Receiving your Emirates ID

After these steps, the ICA (identity and citizenship authority) will start the procedure for the Emirates Id. At the time of submission, you also have to write a postal address in UAE. After you have pasted the visa into your passport then after 5-7 days ICA will inform you by an SMS about your Emirate ID status and you will have to receive your Emirate ID from the given address.


If you have not mentioned the Postal address then your Emirates ID will be available at the nearest ICA center. Keep in mind that if you fail to get your ID card in 3 Months or 90 days your ID card will be sent back to ICA and this ID will be canceled. Then you have to start the process from the first step. Check and Track Emirates ID status. You also have to pay the fee again this time. The fee structure for Emirate ID is given below.

Fee Structure:

Validity of ID Fee in AED(Arab Emirates Dirhams)
For one year 100 AED
For two years 270 AED(Additional 70 AED for different  application processing)
For three years 370 AED(Additional 70 AED for different  application processing)

Every citizen has to pay these fees in the UAE.

Some EIDA centers are:

  1. Dubai  (JAFZA, Al Jafiliya, Al Karana Center, Al Barsha, Al Lusaily, Al Quoz, Muhaisnah Center, Al Rashidiya, Hatta).
  2. Abu Dhabi (Al Quaa,Al Sila, Al Ghayathi, Al Jazira Club, Dalma Island, Al Ain, Khalifa City,
    Mussafah, Al Wahda Mall).
  3. Ajman Center (Ajman Center, Medical Center).
  4. Ras Al Khaimah ( RAK Centre, Al Rams).
  5. Fujairah ( Dibba Centre, Fujairah Centre, Fujairh Centre 2, Dibba Al Hosn Centre)

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