Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines

Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Would you like to know about Abu Dhabi traffic fines? As everyone knows that rules are made to follow. So traffic rules are made to make the safety of the travelers and reducing the ratio of accidents. In the state of Abu, Dhabi drivers must have to follow the rules given below. In other cases, they have to pay the penalties and may be given the black points.

What is “Black Points”?

Black points are punishments given against the license of the driver if a driver tries to violate the Abu Dhabi traffic laws. Black point numbers in Abu Dhabi traffic police depend upon the seriousness of the rule a driver violates.

The limit of the black points is 24. Here see at first, 2nd, and 3rd time how many black points would you get?.

  1. If drivers receive 24 black points 1st time during driving its driving license may be impounded for 90 days or for 3 months.
  2. And during 2nd time his driving license may be impounded for 365 days or one year.
  3. For the 3rd time the license canceled and he must have to join the special training classes.

Can I reduce the Black Points in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, if a person wants to reduce the black points he has to attend the Abu Dhabi police awareness classes. At the time three type of classes is available.

  1. The first program (for the person having black points from 8 to 23).
  2. The second program (for the person having 23 black points and impound license).
  3. Third program (whose license and the car have been canceled). Top of Form

For more information contact the number 600-566-006. These classes are held at various places in Abu Dhabi. In the following table all the traffic violations, fines, black points, and extra penalties are labeled. Read, see and strictly imply them in your life.

Speeding over the limit:

Types of ViolationsPenalty / FinesBlack pointsImpound for
Speeding over the 80 km/hour3000 AED2360 days
Speeding over 60 km/hour than the maximum limit200 AED1230 days
Speeding over 50 km/hour than the maximum limit1500 AED615 days
Speeding over 40 km/hour than the maximum limit1000 AEDNonNon
Driving within 30 km/hour than the maximum limit700 AEDNonNon
Driving within 20 km/hour than the maximum limit600 AEDNonNon
Driving within 10 km/hour than the maximum limit3000AEDNonNon

Rash and reckless driving

Types of violationsBlack PointsPenalty / FinesImpound for
No driving license 233000 AED90 days
Endangering the people232000 AED60 days
Under the effect of alcohol23Court Decision 60 days
Under the effect of drugsNonDeath decision 60 days
Against the traffic flow4600 AED7 days
Rapid diverging41000 AEDNon
Not stopping at a red light121000 AED30 days
Escaping after a minor accident8500 AED7 days
Not keeping a safe distance4400 AEDNon
Gathering at the accidentsNon1000 AEDNon
Having no helmet during riding a motorbikePassengers : 0
Driver : 4
500 AEDNon
No headlights at night4500Non
Not leaving a space ambulance /police cars/official convoy, etc.61000 Non
Death causing of the person23Death decision 60 days

Wrong parking

Violation made by driversPenalty FineBlack Points
Parking on paths400 AEDNon
Parking at the special places1000 AED6
No safe Parking500 AEDNon
Block Parking500 AEDNon
Parking on the road without any reason1000 AED6
Parking  in the yellow500 AEDNon
Parking on the zebra-crossing500 AEDNon
Leaving no space while parking500 AEDNon

All other kinds of Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Violation made by driversPenalty/FineImpound forBlack Points
Driving with an Expired license500 AED7 days4
Having no license400 AEDNonNon
Mobile phone use during driving800 AEDNon4
Kids sitting on the front seat (10 years or 145cm)400 AEDNonNon
Having no safety seats for the child (4 years )400 AEDNonNon
Unnecessary horning400 AEDNon4
Conveying customers unlawfully3000 AED30 days24
Blocking  way of pedestrians500 AEDNon6
Using an expired vehicle500 AED7 days4
Driving faulty indicators vehicle400 AEDNon2
Smoking while driving200 AEDNonNon
Opening the wring door of the taxi100 AEDNon3
Crossing the road from wrong places (pedestrians)200 AEDNonNon
Overloading having no permission200 AEDNon3
Entering to restricted area200 AEDNon4
Pollution causing vehicle (unfit vehicle)200 AEDNonNon
Entering the loaded vehicle to a restricted area200 AEDNon4
Changing the row without indicating600 AEDNon6
Crossing through restricted areas600 AEDNon6
During driving throwing waste material500 AEDNon4
Not giving the information to a policeman when required500 AEDNonNon
Putting harmful things on the road500 AEDNonNon

Check your “BLACK POINTS” on license online in Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines Site:

If you like to check the number of black points you have to follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the official website of the Abu Dhabi traffic fines police.

Step 2

See the option of Public services.

abu dhabi police fines


Step 3

Go to the “Traffic fines inquiry” option & open it. See the form:


Abu dhabipolice fines

Step 4

Finally, you have to submit the license information, traffic number, or plate number and at bottom of the form submit it.


You can easily check the fines easily by the following steps. Only three steps are:

Step 1

Go to the official website of the Abu Dhabi traffic fines now.

Step 2

Open the “Public services portal”. And select the “Traffic fines inquiry” option & open it

Step 3

Finally, now fill in the information as required. You can also pay the fines online.

NOTE: you can also download the Abu Dhabi app on the mobile phone and also check through this app.


Discounts are on the basis of the time, which means if you have paid them early you got more discount also.

  1. A 35 % discount has also given if the fine has paid within 60 days from the day of violation.
  2. 25 % discount has given if the fine has paid within 1 year from the day of the violation.

Remember that discounts apply only on the RTA fines and black points, or suspension of the license cannot be removed. But the discount process is not a simple process.

First, you have to visit the Abu Dhabi police “Fines Department” with your documents(Emirates ID, license, etc).you have to submit an application form to the traffic court, which approves the discount. In this way, you are able to get a discount.

I hope these Abu Dhabi traffic fines and rules make you more punctual and these fines try you to drive a vehicle with great care. So to become a professional and expert driver don’t violate any a single rule.

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