Check Emirates ID Status, Renewal & Authority

Emirates ID Status is a self-identity card that is used in all the United Arab Emirates for the identification of a citizen living in it. It is essential for all the UAE citizens having it with them at all the time for any legal demand when required.

This is the most commonly used in Dubai but also used in all the states of the Arab Emirates. It approves by all the government agencies working in the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates id status

How to check Emirates ID card status?

To check an Emirates ID status is a very common and simple method. For this, you have to fill a form ad submit it online which is simple and easy. It is based on your personal information and you can get this form from the Emirates ID status official website. In this form, you have to put some basics information about yourself like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Passport Number

When you put all the information required in this form then you have to simply submit it. After submitting this application form about ID status, you will receive an application number and it is simply called “Tracking Number”. Now this Tracking number will help you to check your ID status.


You have to be careful about it otherwise you will be unable to check your ID status. By this application number, you can also ask for all types of information you have required regarding this process.

Documents required for applying for an Emirates ID card:

For any Legal work, an applicant must have some official documents that are taking from you by the following protocol and you can pass through this procedure by having all these documents otherwise you will not be able to submit the application form regarding an Emirates ID card.

You must have the following essential documents for this process:


  • UAE family book
  • Certificate of social security
  • Original passport
  • Medical certificate for elderly people or some special needs people
  • Birth certificate for the boys and girls below 15 years


  • Passport
  • Residence visa
  • Birth certificate for boys and girls below 15 years

The Emirates Identity Authority has a wonderful service that updates all the applicants with time by text messages that you receive in your mobile number which has given by you in the submitted application form.

For checking ID card status you have to visit a website by which you can easily perform this process. For this, you can visit many websites but the website given below is not difficult to understand for an applicant.

  1. You have to open this ICA 

    Emirates id status check
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  2. After opening the ICA website, you have to click on the search bar and then you have to find application status just below the Quick Links.

    Emirates id status
    Image Credit: Mymoneysouq
  3. Then you have to give your application number or you have to give your Emirates ID number for renewal of the card or replacement of the card.
check application status
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UAE id card status
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It is very simple to visit this website and going through a very simple process. When you will enter all the information which has questioned by you then you have to simply submit it.

After submitting the application form that you are submitting either for renewal of the ID card or the replacement of the ID card then an application number will be sent to you and this application number is also known as a tracking number.

This tracking number is basically a key for your renewal or replacement ID card and you have to protect it very carefully.

With the help of this tracking number, you will check your ID card status can recall all the information that you have required for this process by talking to a representative.

Emirates ID Tracking will not take any charges from you. You just have to carry it to you in a maximum of five days but remember it would be delivered in working days only. If the applicant has any confusion regarding this process the applicant can easily ask all the questions that arise in your mind. You can not only ask about checking an Emirates ID card status but also go through the date of submission of the application form as well.

 Emirates ID Status:

Emirates ID status is basically information about ID card renewal and revival with respect to time. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) provides this service for updating ID status. This service in Emirates Language is known as “FAWRI”.

By Emirates ID status a person can also get information about the submitted card application and can get a new ID card.


For a person which applies for changing his ID status or wants to update his ID status, his ID status will have to pay after 48 hours of submitting an application. If you apply for an urgent ID card then you will receive an ID card after 24 hours after submitting an application. This is the fastest way to change an ID status, which will be described later, and no other system can update your information in less than 24 hours.

If you are suffering from some anxiety that you have lost or damaged your ID card then you have to submit an application form to (FAIC) in which you have to accept that your ID card is lost and you are applying for a new card.

In case of lost or damaged ID, you have to pay AED 300 for getting a new card and AED 70 by getting registration through typing centers or AED 40 by applying through the e-Form on the ICA website.

“FAWRI” service is available at many certified FAIC centers which are given here,

  • Sharjah Centre
  • Ajman Centre
  • Ras Al Khaimah Centre
  • Fujairah Centre
  • Al-Ain Centre
  • Madinat Zayed in the Western Region
  • Umm Al Quwain Centre
  • Al Barsha Al Rashidiya and Karama in Dubai
  • Al Jazeera and Al-Khalifa City in Abu Dubai

To change ID status a person can easily update his ID status at any time and also provide his personal detail.

Salient Features of Emirates ID card:

Emirates ID card has some important features which come in the definition of biometric verification. These features are described briefly in the following data.

  • Identity number
  • Electronic chip
  • Holder’s photo

1.     Identity Number:

This Emirates ID card contains 15 digit identity numbers such as (785-1234-1234567-1), which is asking the cardholder to hold this card all the time and forever. It can never be the same for the two persons or any other person living in the UAE. A cardholder can get some government and non-government jobs and jobs in many other fields of life.

2.     Electronic Chip:

It holds idiomatic biodata of a respective person and all data which is requiring for the Emirates ID cardholders. With this electronic chip, every person remains in touch with the security system and he can be noticed by this security at any time in case of some kind of doubt.

This biodata which has inculcated in this electronic chip remains safe and unchangeable. It keeps on updating only by the authorized authorities and check-able only by these authorities not by a common person. It has the capacity to save about 32,000 letters of his given information.

3.     Holder’s Photo:

Holder’s photo helps a person to identify easily and it saves much of the time of the system as well as the individual employee. It enhances the accuracy and security of the ID card.

How to apply for a New ID Card?

You can apply for a new Emirates ID card in two ways. These two ways are

  • Authorized Typing Centers
  • Online form submission

For applying for an ID card, it is an easy way to go to the authorized centers, fill it, apply it, and then submit it. But you are able to open the official website of FAIC then you can easily apply for it by reading the instructions carefully step by step. This method does not take too much time for an applicant because for applying through authorized typing centers you have to visit the nearby centers and this can take time for an applicant.

After filling the application form, you have to simply submit it. After submitting it you will receive an SMS in which you fill follow the instructions “when and where” to proceed with the remaining procedure. For this, you have to require some documents for the protocol to pass through some legal process. There will be fees which have specified by the FAIC after it you have registered for the new ID card.

How applicants receive an Emirates ID card?

An applicant can receive an Emirates ID card from the post office. The form which post office, for this you have to look at the message that was sent to you by the authority. By seeing this text message you can easily locate the place from where you have to collect it.

You can receive this card within certain days and time by reading the text message mentioned in it and if the card is not collected by the applicant within 90 days from the arrival of the card it will be sent back to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and then you will not be able to collect this ID card form the given post office.

Emirates ID card Validity Period:

  • 5 years or 10 years
  • For GCC Nationals
  • 5 years
  • Expatriates
  • Linked to the residency Visa validity.
  • For UAE Nationals

ID card renewal and Replacement:

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship is very effective in ID renewal and replacement. The applicants will have informed by a text message that your ID card has expired from till now and you have to renew it as soon as possible because the time in which you can renew it, is only 30 days from the date of expiry after which you will be fined per day. Then you have to submit the application form for the renewal and replacement of your ID card. For this, you have to visit the typing offices accredited by the FAIC. Another very simple and easy method is to go online B/C for the online procedure you have no need to visit centers for Emirates ID card renewal and replacement. You have to simply open the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and fill the electronic registration form.

If the ID card is lost by you then you have to inform the FAIC within the duration of one week by visiting your nearby centers and request to cancel the previous ID card for the replacement. If you are out of UAE while losing the ID card then you have to inculcate the information to UAE’s embassy that the ID card is lost by the cardholder in order to report the card loss.

How to update Emirates ID card Data?

You can update your ID card data from time to time within a maximum of about 30 days in case of any change in your personal information that was put by you in the previous application form by informing the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Your ID card data will be updated according to the latest information given by you. So in order to update your ID card data, you should be very careful about it because if any information given by you, will be updated and then it requires again about 30 days to get your ID card data to update.

Check Emirates ID Fine:

The UAE Authority provides a 30 days duration for renewal. And the cardholder must renew it during this duration. After this duration, you have to pay a fine of 20 AED per day which is up to one thousand AED.

Emirates ID card discarding:

In order to discard or cancel the ID card for the intention of leaving the country and for the intention of getting new jobs, residents should return their ID card to the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

It is the duty of every resident to hand over this ID card to the Authority otherwise you cannot leave the country or apply for a new job without this card. After receiving the ID card the General Directorate for Residency and foreigners has returned it to the FAIC because this ID card was originally issued by this authority.

Emirates ID card Authority:

This authority never allows the companies to hold their customer’s ID card or their employee’s ID card or their visitor’s ID card. It is totally denying the rules of Law because the law never allows the companies to catch their ID card.

In case of any violation of the Law, an applicant has allowed to go the court. He can take the case in front of the jury because the right decisions would made in the court.

Any citizen living in the UAE cannot use the ID card of other people because it is against the law to seize the ID card of someone. Everyone knows this ID card contains some specific and particular information that has referred to as personal data. This authority offers some wonderful services to the new coming customers and we can call these services the UAE bundles.



Basically, the ID card has issued by the federal authority of identity and citizenship is the basic and legal need for all the persons living in the UAE and who have to come to live in the UAE. The FAIC also issues the identity card for newborn babies. The basic purpose of the ID card is to identify each and every citizen ad resident easily, so at every point of life, they cannot create problems for the FAIC.

For all the information you want to know about it you have to simply open the official website and you can read all the requirements, documents, warnings, services .jobs, and other benefits and also disadvantages and loss in case of violation or against the law.

Benefits of having an Emirates ID card:

  • For maintenance of government jobs in the UAE.
  • Traveling of all the citizens in the UAE from one place to another place within the GCC.
  • For the passing of all the citizens through the electronic immigration gates or smart gates at all the airports in the UAE for biometric verification.
  • And Voting in elections to elect a new Government in the UAE.
  • For doing all the legal works in the UAE, it is a basic need of all the citizens living in it.
  • Also creating an account in the bank is a necessary requirement for this purpose.
  • For visiting the UAE states, they have to make this identity card for this purpose.

Even for the renewal of the vehicle at the immigration department, one should have to keep it with him

Questions that are asked mostly:

 How can I get the ID card urgently?

Ans: Normally a person can get this ID in about 5 working days and if he has applied for the express service then the applicant’s card would be deliveries in about 2 days only but you have to pay AED 150 along with the other charges required for making a new ID card.

 How can I get the Emirates ID card from the post office?

Ans: When you apply for the new ID card then you receive some kind of confirmation after submitting the application form that you can get this ID card when and from which post office. You have to simply visit that post office and can get the ID card by simply showing that confirmation message sent by the authority.

How can I locate the typing offices nearby my present location?

Ans: You can simply visit the main website of Emirates ID status. And can see all the typing offices from where you can guess which office is present nearby you.

How many charges are requiring for card replacement?

Ans: You will have to pay 300AED only for ID card replacement in case of damaging or losing the ID card.

 For how many days my ID will be at the post office?

Ans: You can collect your ID card within 90 days. And in between this duration, it will be there for about 90 days. If you are not able to collect this ID card within 90 days. Then after this duration, it will be returning to the EIDA center where the ID card will be discarded. In such a situation you have to apply for an ID card replacement.

What is the validity period for the ID card?

For UAE Nationals: 5 years or 10 years

For GCC Nationals: 5 years

What are the methods for applying for a new ID card?

There are two methods for applying for a new Emirates ID card. You can get the new ID card by both methods but you have to apply only one method. Because it will be comfortable for you as well as for the authority. Emirates id status. These two methods are

  1. By applying from Authorized Typing centers
  2. By applying through an online submission form

What are the documents requiring for applying for a new ID card?

For UAE Nationals:

  • Original passport
  • UAE family
  • Medical certificate for elderly people or  some special needs people
  • book
  • Certificate of social security
  • Birth certificate for the boys and girls below 15 years


  • Passport
  • Birth certificate for the boys and girls below 15 years
  • Residence visa

For what purposes, an applicant can use this ID card?

  1. For job purposes
  2. And for the traveling purposes
  3. For electronic immigration
  4. Also voting in elections
  5. For holding an account in the bank
  6. For visiting different states of UAE
  7. Even for the renewal of the vehicle at an immigration department
  8. For preventing fraud from different fraud systems.
  9. And for rapid identification of a person
  10. For making a person legal to live in the UAE.

Basically, these are all the benefits and advantages of making an Emirates ID card. And an applicant can also get all these services after having this ID card.  This Emirates ID card has a wide variety of benefits. But as I have told you about its benefits and advantages. I have also alarmed you about violating the law or unfollowing the rules regarding this ID card

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